Building Envelope Investigations

Cavity Wall Investigations

Masonry walls can be investigated as part of a durability survey or to gain condition information for an acquisition or change of use.  The number, position and condition of wall ties in cavity walls can be determined by undertaking a wall tie survey using electromagnetic detection and an endoscope (aka a boroscope) inserted into the cavity.

Masonry sampling and testing can also be undertaken.  Brick samples are carefully removed from representative locations and tested to determine compressive strength.  Mortar is sampled and tested in the laboratory to determine mortar designation.

Moorhead Richardson can provide the inspection, testing and sampling services and will issue a comprehensive report detailing the investigation findings.


Leak Detection

Leaks in flat roofs can be located using our wet roof leak detector.  The equipment is suitable for all roofs constructed with non-conductive insulation materials.  The equipment is suitable for use on hot melt, asphalt and single ply roofing membranes.  Any detected leaks are circled on the roof surface using waterproof crayon and are then photographed, measured and marked on to a roof plan drawing.

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