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Pull Out Testing

Sometimes it is necessary to test insitu the resistance of structural fixings to a pull out force.  This pull out testing is undertaken by setting up a rig containing a hydraulic jack and load cell, applying incremental loads in cycles and measuring any movement in the test piece.  Shear load testing can also be undertaken using bespoke test rigs.

Moorhead Richardson undertakes this testing in accordance with the relevant guidance and British Standards (e.g. BS 8539:2012 - Code of practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry, and Construction Fixings Association Guidance Note, Procedure for Site Testing Construction Fixings).

Using a Hydrajaws portable tester, which is supplied with a range of accessories, we are able to test anchor bolts, threaded inserts, eye bolts, remedial wall ties, rebar, scaffold fixings, the bond strength of various materials and tile adhesion.


Pull out test. Hydrajaws
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